Publications and Awards

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2DArtist - issue 124
Published artwork, Tutorial
2016 - 2DArtist Magazine

Reunion on Neverend
Cover art
2016 - Author: John E. Stith - Publisher: ReAnimus Press

Beginner’s guide to digital painting in Photoshop: Sci-fi and Fantasy
Published artwork, Tutorial
2016 - 3DTotal Publishing

"CA it AWARDS" winner
Silver Award for "Best it Digital illustration"
2015 - CA it Awards (Computer Artist it Awards) - New York, USA

King Callie: Callie's Saga, Book One
Cover art
2015 - Author: B. Lynch

Published artwork
2015 - Flame Tree Publishing

Digital ArtLords Masters Series
Featured as Masters Series Artist on
2014 - ArtLords Art Community

ImagineFX - issue 113
Published artwork, Short biography
2014 - ImagineFX Magazine

Digital Art Masters: Volume 9
Featured in DAM vol 9 - Artwork, Article
2014 - 3DTotal Publishing

Prime - The Definitive Digital Art Collection
Featured in the "Characters" category
2013 - 3DTotal Publishing

Artwork included
2013 - 3DTotal Publishing

The Deathlings
Published artwork
2011 - Black Label Comics